Alternative Output & Powerpoint

So the alternate output has given us a good ability to stream live video through our computers and use easy worship as a switcher of sorts for our online presentations. 

Two thoughts:

1) When using powerpoint, there is no quick way to switch back to live video on streaming without losing our place in the presentation.  (unless you somehow keep clicking a 'black slide' in the schedule with live video going to alternative output.). Could the "Clear" or "Black" buttons at the top of the screen be set up with alternative output as well so that "Black" would make in house be black or online be video?  Maybe a new button "MainFeedOnline" that switches camera feed on online and keep the front of house in the live room black.

2) OR is there a way to set up powerpoint to display as a 'blank' slide (which is my camera feed to the alt output).  

Alt Output is a little complicated to think through, but it is working OK.  Transitions don't seem to be as smooth as a switcher, but for our small online audience it is fine.

Thank you,


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