Hi, I just purchased a new computer. How do i get rid of the watermark?

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If you've already purchased EW log into your (or your Church's) account to activate it.

If you haven't purchased EW you need to do that and then log into the account used for the purchase to activate it.

Just did the EW7 install onto new Windows 11 and it won't activate

I looked up your account and the church has only purchased EW 6 so you will not be able to register EW 7 unless you are on a subscription. You can install EW 6 and register it. 

Do you recommend that we purchase EW7 at this time, should we continue using EW6 until it becomes redundant? We are ok with that; just need to know that what we are using will work!  We have just purchased new computer with Windows 11, so were thinking we could go all out and install EW7!

Seems like we should stick with EW 6 for now though.


The two things I would consider is that EW6 probably won't be receiving any further updates, among which is the upcoming  Internet Explorer Browser fix. So there is a good chance that Microsoft could break compatibility in a future update of Windows 11 that would prevent EW6 from functioning properly.

The other is that while you were able to do an outright, one time purchase of EW6 and EW7 at one time, that option is no longer available. You have to purchase either a recurring monthly or yearly subscription to EW7 now. so if EW6 is working okay for you now and you did the one time outright purchase of EW6 and your Church has a limited budget you might want to hold off on upgrading until it becomes necessary. That is unless you have need of the alternative output that the latest EW7 provides that is useful for Live Streaming.

Thanks, this is helpful! I appreciate the information.   Can't wait for the Internet Explorer fix; either that, or allow other browsers to function? Problem is that IE is also retiring soon...according to Microsoft and they are encouraging their users to move to Edge now, to save the hassle later.  Will EW consider that move too?  Not that Edge is my preferred, but at least it's probably a browser that would allow easier access into the web via the EW software.

Again, than-you for your help.

EW has a beta of EW7 available for testing that takes care of the IE issue. I haven't tried it yet and don't know specifically what it does, but it is available. Unfortunately that won't be available for EW6, it's for EW7 only. 

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