Integrating with External MIDI Player

Background to the request: I have only just learned that you can embed MIDI into a song or presentation. This is of great interest to me because I've been involved for years in trying to leverage MIDI for church worship music, and have written a MIDI Player (Windows) to take advantage of the flexibility that MIDI offers. Most of the flexibility of MIDI is in the area of runtime adjustments to tempo, key, and instrumentation, and does not result in a MIDI file that can be embedded into EasyWorship.

How would you like the feature to work?
I would rather enter into a discussion about what is possible, rather than try to prescribe how it should work. My least invasive thought is for an option to trigger EasyWorship to make the switch to an external app for the MIDI file to be started.  I, for my part, would be very happy to change my player to introduce a new setting that would result in switching automatically to EasyWorship (if running) when a song is started. This would then result in a two-click work-flow to get maximum benefit from MIDI.

However, there may be  a creative way to communicate between apps to start the external player without leaving EasyWorship at all. That could not be achieved without careful collaboration, if it is possible at all.

Why is this feature important to you?
My years of involvement in this area has been on behalf of small churches that lack musicians, with particular interest in MIDI because of its inherent flexibility.  I've also been a continuous EasyWorship User for 17 years, and believe it to still be easy enough for smaller churches to use, but technologically advanced enough to be a pace setter in this tech/church space.  I'd love to see EasyWorship provide an integration that helps these small churches get more in the area of music/visual presentation.

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