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Can Easyworship 7 run on windows 11? My PC is asking me to upgrade I want to upgrade but not until I know that Easyworship will still work.

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Yes it can, but I would recommend that you stay on Windows 10 as long as possible. Win 11 is still in an unstable state and is not suitable for a production system such as you would be using it in a Church Service. I wouldn't downgrade to Windows 11 till at least 2023 at the earliest. It will cause more problems than it's worth to downgrade before that, and yes 11 is definitely a downgrade from 10.  I've been testing it since it was a developmental project and it isn't even close to being ready. It's barely a Beta quality product.

We just bought a new PC for our church with windows 11. Our problem is we cannot reactivate the installed easy worship. May you help us to resolve the matter. Thank you and God bless you

Vilcc2000, what version of EW did you install?

If it's EW7, you just need to log in with the email and password on your account. Older versions will not work on Windows 11.

It still works, but I don't think changing to Windows 11 is a good solution.    cupcake 2048

Kaleabernathy I agree wholeheartedly. I've been running Win 11 on a spare computer to test it out and it isn't even close to being ready for the average person, let alone a production system running EW, ProPresenter, or any other presentation software in a Church or Public setting. Like I stated previously I wouldn't even think about using it until 2023 and feel sorry for anyone who has purchased a new computer with it already installed. In fact, if I was forced top purchase a new computer with Win 11 pre-installed I would clone the drive, wipe it, then install Win10 Pro in it to use for the next couple of years.


I am using Windows 11 on both my desktop and laptop, both with the latest version using Easyworship, with no problems. I have found Windows 11 to be very stable and just as usable as Windows 10.

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