Song Select not working

Song Select will not load. Will not let me login. It was when we first started using Easy Worship 7 but now will not let me login.

What happens when you try to log in to SongSelect? Are you getting any messages?

Hi. So I'm having this same problem.  It worked for months and just recently it stopped working.  When you are in Easy Worship 7 and click to Import from SongSelect, it asks you to login - so you do, but then a screen pops up that says you aren't using a compatible browser and you either click one of them to download or click I understand - used to send you into SongSelect, now it just loops back to the screen that requires you to download a browser.  (Screen shot attached)


That screen does NOT require you to download a new browser, and in fact downloading a new one will not affect EW. Simply click on the I UNDERSTAND button to go to Song Select and use it as usual. I do that every week and just double checked it a couple of minutes ago so I know that it still works.

That said, EW is working on an updated build of EW7 that deals with the issue. Right now it's in BETA form and only ready for testing. It is not ready to use on a production system for your services.

You can install this work around and it will get rid of the message 

This has been fixed for the next version of EasyWorship. You are welcome to download and install the Beta and try it out. Beta is ready for testing : EasyWorship 

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