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Hi, I've tried "check for updates" in both and and nothing seem to happen.

What should happen?

You will only see something on screen if there is an actual update to download. is the latest update if you aren't on a subscription plan and is the latest if you are on the subscription plan so there shouldn't be any screens pop up. It would be nice if they did have one that states something like You Have The Latest Release. At least that has been my experience.



It would be nice to see some sort of message - even if it has to be two messages, one for subscription and one for one-off payment users.

There was a bug in the 7.2.3 version where the Check for Updates doesn't work.

It has been fixed in the If you click on Check for updates when running this version, you should get a message like this:

It doesn't matter if you're on subscription or OTP, you should still get this message and its broken on either way also.

Thanks Dan,

Except that I am now running and it still doesn't tell me anything!

When clicking on "Check for updates" in version, nothing happens.  I just verified that Easy Worship is now up to version, but the check for updates still doesn't do anything.  When clicking on "Check for updates" in version, still nothing happens.  In the past, a message would be "You're up to date."  When will this button be fixed, so I won't have to keep manually checking the Easy Worship website for new versions?

I'm on

When I click on 'Check for Update' it comes back with 'You're up to date!' EasyWorship is the newest version available.

Which of course it's not as is.

David, thanks for your comment.  I just logged back into Easy Worship and click the check for updates again, and now it does reflect "You're up to date!", so it is working fine.  I don't know why it didn't work immediately after installing the new version, but it works now.  THANKS!

We have not pushed the newer version to the auto updater yet. The check for updates in the software currently is still on 

If you want the newer version, which is currently, you can download it manually from our downloads page.

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