songselect does not display correctly

How can I make songselect use Mozilla Firefox?

When I try to sign into songselect within EW6 I'm told to use one of the 4 approved browsers. I have 3 of those browsers. Firefox is set as preferred browser.

thank you in advance

You'll have to use Firefox itself directly. There is no way to force EW to use another browser.

I have firefox on laptop as default browser

Do I need to download firefox (again) in EW?

thanks for your quick answer

EW can only call up Internet Explorer. There is no way to change that. You have to use a compatible browser such as FireFox OUTSIDE of EW as there is absolutely no way to integrate it into ANY version of EW.

So I will continue to use login as it is.

(I hope my volunteers can cope. I fear they will say we should try another program)

thank you

For what it's worth we have been telling EW for several years that they need to fix this. 

Old programs use Internet Explorer. I guess they would like us to subscribe to EW7. 

EW7 uses Internet Exploder as well and doesn't really work well with SongSelect either. I'm betting it won't be fixed until EW8, and that probably won't come out for a few years. 

EW7 works just fine with SongSelect. If it isn't working properly for you, please contact support and they can help you get it working correctly.

It will work if are willing to do the IEFix.exe every time you use it, and even that isn't 100% effective. Even when you do get to the proper Splash Screen that you show in your post you have about a 25% chance of successfully signing in. Plus that doesn't address the original question which is you are using an unsupported Browser. This really needs to be properly and completely addressed.

I totally agree that it needs to be updated and it will be in the next major version.

I have only ran the IE Fix one time and SongSelect works for me 100% of the time.

Glad it works for you. I've already run IEFix 3 times this week. Once on my own system and twice on the main Church system.  By next major version are we talking EW8, or an updated EW7? I'm guessing it won't be considered a bug fix and it will require purchasing a subscription.

"I'm guessing it won't be considered a bug fix and it will require purchasing a subscription."

That I don't know for sure.

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