Midi and Prime Multitracks

Following your excellent video, but can't get the 'MIDI' option in Remote drop down. Running EW7.3

MIDI is a subscription feature so if you have a one-time purchase license, you won't see it there. To use MIDI, you need to have an active subscription, or you can disconnect your license with EW on that computer and run the demo to try it out.

Uninstalled EW7.3 and an old EW6. Downloaded EW7 demo as suggested, using a different email address, but still can't get MIDI option showing in remote.

Do you see the EasyWorship watermark on the live output? If not, you are still registered. Go to Help>Register Products and click on Disconnect. You should then see the watermark on the live output and have the MIDI option.

To remove the watermark from the live output, just go to Help>Register Products and click Connect and log back in.

That did the trick. Have the i-pad and PC showing as connected, but Prime doesn't show the option  'Midi connections' in settings. Have written to Prime about this issue.

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