Transferring profile into new computer

I tried the support page instructions but it still wont work.

If you tried using the transfer tool and your data is not there, you may be using a profile other than Default. You are welcome to contact support directly and they will be able to help you get it transferred. You can schedule a callback at or you can call support +1 918-250-1493, or send an email to

Transfer EasyWorship Profile : EasyWorship 

Hi Dan,

If by transferring profile do you mean I might use EW at home and at church.  May I save a created schedule and open in either place?  That would be amazing.  How can I do this?  I have an updated computer in both locations and have tried numerous ways but am still not sure and don't want to get myself into a situation that I can't get out of...

Thank you for your time,


Denise, see my response to this in your other post.

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