ATEM Mini Pro and EasyWorship 7.3.11

 Hi Guys, Dan did a video on using the ATEM mini pro with EasyWorship 7 a few months back using Fill and Key inputs to overlay text on video. But now that 7.3.11 is out this changes how you can use text over video using alternate output with themes without the need to use Fill and Key thus freeing up an HDMI input.

We presently use two cameras, an input to display a picture in picture for song words and an input to display the scripture in full scene during the Bible reading during Live Streaming of our services. But now find with 7.3.11 you can now use themes on alternate output for both song words (bottom third) and scripture reading thus freeing up an input for a 3rd camera. We also have a separate Graphics card with output for foldback which gives us a total of 5 outputs.

It would be good if you could possibly produce another video explaining how this works with the new 7.3.11 update.


Hi Guys, we are still having problems trying to get the alternate output to work using 7.3.11 with the ATEM Mini Pro. That's why I suggested a video like the previous one that you did for 7.2. The settings using Fill and Key don't work correctly with 7.3, we are experiencing video breakthrough and unable to show Presentations or PowerPoints through alternate output in EW, Themes doesn't change back from song Theme to no theme for Presentations.

We have two cameras in HDMI 1 and 2, and Fill and Key in 3 and 4. We have tried many settings with alternate output but nothing is completely successful. We either get song words on bottom 4 lines or full screen text for scripture but never both during a single schedule. We are also experiencing camera 2 video showing through when Full Screen Scripture is displayed from theme with alternate output. Will send our hardware configuration once I can put it together.

Thanks David

Hi David, I would recommend starting a ticket with support on this issue. A remote session might be good to do with support so they can see your setup and exactly how it's being used.

As far as the video showing through when full screen with scripture, have you tried checking or unchecking the Pre Multiplied Key in the ATEM software under the Luma tab under Upstream Key?

Thanks Dan, Yes we have tried checking or unchecking the Pre Multiplied Key in the ATEM software under the Luma tab under Upstream Key, but it doesn't take all the video breakthrough away. I have opened a ticket for this issue.

Another issue, we have a startup Presentation that uses 5 slides the first one has 3 lines of text (The service details and date) over video for 2.5 minutes and the next 4 are each 30 seconds long video displaying what is on on during the week. None of these 4 have text. It works perfectly on main monitor but can't figure out how to get them on to the alternate output using Presentation Themes. We haven't even got round to displaying PowerPoints yet which I'm assuming would be similar.

PPT would be different. EW will display PPT on all outputs. 

Alternate output will not display foreground elements on slides unless they are part of the default alt out theme. An exception to this is if you create a media slide in your presentation. If there isn't any text on any of the slides, you can edit the presentation and click on the media button on the toolbar and drag and drop the media you want to the left under Words or Slides tabs to create its own media slide. Doing this will display this image or video on both the main and alt outputs.

Hi Dan, this presentation was created using create presentation see attached jpeg. Or am I misunderstanding you? All the slides in the presentation are videos but the first has text in subtitle field.

Attached is a video that basically shows how you can create the presentation you want. If you have a different presentation theme for main and alt out (or even if you use the same theme) you can change the background of the first slide to the video you want and set it as a foreground under Media Usage. Then add your text in the title or subtitle field. Then you can click on Media and drag and drop your other videos to the left to create media slides. If you want to set the transitions to auto and set them to delayed to advance automatically, you can do that. But this would be how you do it.


Thanks for that Dan, but that only shows me how to create a Presentation which I have and it works perfectly. But I can't seem to create a Theme that allows it to look the same on the Alt Output. The other slides are fine but the title one doesn't, the text is never in the correct place. I have attached our church Startup Presentation to see if you can make a Theme that is identical to the Presentation. You may not have the same font but I can always change that.

Thanks David


That's what I'm trying to but the text is always either in the wrong place or part of it is missing.

I just copied the text box from the presentation and pasted it into the Title slide of the theme and deleted the other text boxes. I made sure it was using it as the main subtitle text box and saved it and set it as my default alt presentation theme.



  • Right, I've dragged the 1st slide into the theme and changed the justification to centre which now shows slide 1 correctly in alt output but the other slides are still blank.
  • So how do I get the rest of the slides to display in alt output?

It's because you have them set as backgrounds. You need to delete those slides and drag them in from the Media button on the toolbar like I show in the video. Then they will work

Thanks Dan, Presentation themes working fine now. We have used EW since before 2007 version and have never needed to use Themes until now so it took me a while to figure out exactly how they worked.

Now just got to get the Fill and Key working with the ATEM because what we have been doing up until 7.3.11 came out was displaying the song as a window on camera 2 and the scripture from the main display. This was achieved by cloning the main monitor with HDMI 3 on the ATEM and switching it to the Live Output.

But now need to figure out how to achieve this using Alt Output to ATEM.

Regards David

Hi Dan, is there any update on how to get this working using Alt Output with the ATEM Mini Pro. I've followed many tutorials and videos but there is no in depth one. I have managed to get alt output working but it seems quite a complicated task that you have to use a separate theme in order to get it to work each time. This Sunday is Remembrance Day here and I've got at least three presentations for the service to create but then getting them to work correctly to Alt Output is an additional chore. I wonder how many others are experiencing this difficulty as it's not as straightforward as I thought it would be.

Are you having a problem getting it to work with the ATEM mini pro using Fill and Key or are you having an issue with using the 3 different presentations? 

Currently, EW will only be able to set one default Alt output theme at a time. If you want to change it mid service, you will have to go to Themes and right click the one you want to use and set it as the default. There's not currently a way to set different themes for the Alt output per item. This is something our developers are still working on for a future update.

Getting it set up as a Fill and Key, you need to set the Alt output to your preferred monitor setting (probably monitor 3 since your main output should be on secondary), then set the Alpha Channel to Enabled.

Your monitor output cable for the Alt output and Alpha channel will both go to the ATEM. You will need to set up the Fill and Key in the ATEM software and the video we have on using the ATEM should walk you through that. You will need to know which cable is which coming from your computer. You should be able to determine that from the display settings in windows by Identifying them and see where the numbers show up on each screen. (you'll need to have the multi view from the ATEM plugged into a monitor so you can see those outputs.

Using the ATEM mini pro with EasyWorship

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