ATEM Mini Pro and EasyWorship 7.3.11

 Hi Guys, Dan did a video on using the ATEM mini pro with EasyWorship 7 a few months back using Fill and Key inputs to overlay text on video. But now that 7.3.11 is out this changes how you can use text over video using alternate output with themes without the need to use Fill and Key thus freeing up an HDMI input.

We presently use two cameras, an input to display a picture in picture for song words and an input to display the scripture in full scene during the Bible reading during Live Streaming of our services. But now find with 7.3.11 you can now use themes on alternate output for both song words (bottom third) and scripture reading thus freeing up an input for a 3rd camera. We also have a separate Graphics card with output for foldback which gives us a total of 5 outputs.

It would be good if you could possibly produce another video explaining how this works with the new 7.3.11 update.


Hi Dan, at the moment we are only using one Alt Out theme for Presentations, one for Songs and one for Scripture. What we're having problems with is creating a presentation theme which contains 5 videos where only the 1st one has text. Despite following your video on Themes, I find it doesn't go deep enough as it only shows themes with a single video or background image. I have managed a presentation theme showing the videos but the text is never where I put it in the theme. It should be two lines of text in the centre but instead they are on the top right. We've not tried it in the church yet using the ATEM but I have three screens set up in my house giving Alt Out and Foldback and the console has main output so I can see all of the displays. Until I get this working I can't begin to setup the ATEM in the church. We are presently using a temporary solution by showing the main output as a window on the YouTube Live stream. But now that Alt Output is here we want to use that for lower third text, scripture and songs but find that the fact you have to use themes a pain as it's definitely not as easy(worship) as the rest of the program is. 

The text location from the theme should be where the text shows up on the slides. One thing to remember, there are 5 different theme types in a presentation, Title-Subtitle, Title-Content, Content Only, Scripture, and Blank. The Master slide will have the text boxes for all theme types in it. Make sure you're adjusting the correct text box that you're using in the theme.

If you want a different text placement for different slides, for example, you can adjust the text box on the Title-Subtitle to the top and use that slide type for when you want that placement, Set the Title-Content text box to the bottom and use that theme type in the presentation when you want that text placement and set the Content only slide to the center and use that slide type in the presentation when you want center text.  I hope this helps.


I think I've been creating the Presentations wrong and just making it from one theme type. It is very confusing to say the least but you guys have been trained locally and it's second nature to you but we depend on your guides and videos and trial and error.

Finally got it working, now that I understand how to do it correctly. I've made many Presentations over the years but never used themes, didn't have any need to. But with Alt Output they are needed and now have to make presentations correctly with themes. This definitely needs a separate tutorial as it is very complicated.

Thanks for your help Dan

Regards David

We are working on something to try and explain it the easiest way.

Glad you got it figured out.

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