Bulk song import format?

I have several hundred songs that I need to import into EW. Looking around at other forum posts, there doesn't seem to be a programmatic way to do this. Surely you guys can code up a standard import format, using XML or even simple text tags (like you already use for SongSelect imports), that would allow importing multiple songs from a single file. If you establish a standard format and publish the details, then others can create converters to take bulk song output from other systems and convert it to the EW import format.

If you haven't already selected a format for standard import, you might consider ChordPro. It's not exactly XML, but it's XML-ish, has the basic metadata you'd need for importing a song, and it's already in wide use. If you keyed off of the {title} tag as the beginning of a song, you could easily support importing multiple songs from one big file.

As a bonus, you could also use ChordPro data to give users the option of displaying the chords on the confidence monitor. SongSelect has ChordPro versions of most songs, so you could even integrate this feature into your existing SongSelect import.

I have a large number of songs in (rich text) to put in easyworship 7 is there a way I can do this.

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