Move EW to a new drive

I have added a 2nd ssd to my computer (with more space)
I would like to move EW to the new drive

How do I do this?


This link should help you Transfer EasyWorship Profile

The following will move the PROFILE of EW where all of the videos, music, pictures, presentations, databases, and other information that EW uses is stored. That is were the overwhelming majority of the files are stored, not in EW itself. The program is only about 200 MB in size and should be left in it's default location. It's the profile that takes up all of the space on the drive.

Essentially what you need to do is use the following (link below). Backup the old profile (location is in the link) and restore it to the new drive. You'll then need to use the Profile Manager in EW (under Profiles in the menu bar) to switch to the new location. Once that is finished and you have confirmed that everything is working as it should and you aren't missing anything you can delete the old profile to free up space on the original drive (default location is in the link).

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