EW Premium purchase

What do I need to do to update laptop with EW already on.

What do I need to do to add users from other computers?

You don't need to do anything to update EW. The premium sub adds the media subscription. The EW license will still be the same.

To add other users to the account, you have to be the admin. Log into your account on our website, www.easyworship.com and you can invite other users from there under your account. They will get an email where they can accept the invitation.

So purchasing premium doesn’t allow access from other computers? How many computers can we have using same EW?

The EW license comes with a site license. You can install it and register it on as many computers as you need at your church site. This includes home computers that are used for creating schedules. The Premium license includes all of our premium media from our webstore, over 6,000 pieces of media are included for download.

Awesome…so I need to set up users from your website and the ones that need to set up schedule will install EW from your site also? Is there a video for this process?

Users can download and install EW from our website on their home computers. The demo is fully functional and schedules can be created without registering it. You can add them as users under your account on our website and they can then register with their name and email address, or they can register with the existing email and password on the account. Really, the only reason it needs to be registered on a computer just for creating schedules is if you have purchased bibles you want to use, or if they want to download the premium media. Otherwise, it can just be run as the demo.

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