MP4 videos sometimes not playing

 We have been having an issue with easyworship 6 and video playback. If we have videos in the schedule we can test them before the service and they play back without issue but sometimes will not play during the service. When we move to the video on the schedule it doesnt play. If we restart easy worship and go to the video it will then play OK. All of the videos are in MP4 format and play OK when tested.

I've made sure we have the latest version of easy worship and that the codec pack is installed.

Any ideas?



First make sure you are using the latest build of EW6, 6.7.14. Link to download it is below

Also make sure you have installed and configured the extra codecs as per the following article.

If neither of those help, it's possible that the videos are using some sort of strange and nonstandard encoding. Run them thru Handbrake to re-encode them to a proper MP4 standard. It's free, works exceptionally well, and can handle just about any video file you can throw at it.

Thanks Donal,

                        We are running 6.7.14 and the codecs are installed and configured. The videos are playing in easyworship when I test before the service but sometimes do not play later during the service. If it was a codec or encoding issue I would have expected the video to not run at all.


I would have thought that as well, but I've found that that isn't always the case. I remember that EW6 was fairly flakey at times and I really pushed our Church to upgrade to 7 and am so glad that we did.

This seems similar to a problem we have encountered.  If we open EW6 by double clicking on as already created EW schedule in file explorer, MP4 videos will not play but wmv vidoes will play.    If we open easy worship first and then open the same schedule file through File>open schedule, all the videos will play fine.  

Would this "explain" your inconsistent experience?   if so, it looks like a bug in how EW starts up in certain ways? 

Hey everyone,We've been experiencing a similar issue with EasyWorship 6. Our videos (all in MP4 format) play perfectly fine when tested before the service, but sometimes fail to play during the actual service. Restarting EasyWorship usually resolves the issue temporarily. We've ensured we're using the latest version (6.7.14) and have the necessary codecs installed.@Am.pugh, your observation is interesting. We usually open EasyWorship by double-clicking the schedule file in File Explorer. I'll try opening the program first and then loading the schedule to see if it makes a difference.Thanks for the insights! Hopefully, we can find a consistent solution to this glitch.

The errors are still the same, has anyone found a new, more feasible solution? 

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Make sure that you have your computers Power Plan set to Performance. If you have it set to Battery/Power Saving or Balanced that can sometimes cause this issue. Also make sure that the Videos are actually on the main drive of the computer and not on an external drive (USB flash drive, etc.) or a shared drive.

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