KJV grayed out.

KJV bible appears on scriptures tab, but is grayed out. No books or verses can be selected. I cannot reinstall from a usb drive because EW7 thinks it is still available. How do I get my KJV back?

I will try to help you with this. 

Open EW and then take a screen shot of the options under the scriptures like the one I have pasted below. Also take a screen shot of what you are talking about being grayed out and paste it below aslo

My options tab was in a different place, but after I found it and followed your guide, I found the problem. Somehow the KJV bible had been unselected in the list of bibles, therefore it did not appear in the "live" list of bibles. Thank you for your help..


Great! I am glad  you got it fixed. 

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