My EasyWorship7 Does Not Let me Search for Song

I am not sure why but I have been trying to search for songs on the search box but the Easyworship7 doesn't let me and keep on saying public domain..I don;t understand why? Please help anyone? Thank you

Does the search box look like this first image? This one has the little four lines which is searching by the titles.

Or does it look like this one ? This one has the magnifying glass which is in contextual search.

Mine looks like the second one but freezes after typing 1st letter of search.

You will probably need to contact support directly and have them take a look at your database. 

One thing you can try to see if it's an issue with your database is click the Profiles menu and go to Profiles manager and create a new profile and install the default songs. Then try to search in that profile. If it works, then there is an issue with your database. If it doesn't work, it will be something else. Either way, you will probably need to contact support directly.

Thank you for your clear answer.

Had the same problem. We lost the ability to type in the name of any song in the search bar. Tried the reset keys option in profile-utilities with no effect. Finally started working again after opening up the gear icon at the bottom of the song list and hovered over the sort option. For some reason it was set to copyright instead of title, selected title, now song search works again! Hope this helps!
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