Multi PC DB Sync

 We are planning on having multiple PCs setup to use EW7. One will be for presentation setup and development and as a 3rd backup, the 2nd is for streaming and 1st backup and then the 1st is the primary EW7 for services. We are trying to keep the non EW software off this PC to avoid issues. Speaking of issues, we have had problems with MS Windows updates causing problems on occasion which is why we are wanting to have multiple PCs ready just in case. So with that in mind, I have been trying to figureout what files to copy on a regular basis to keep these PCs in sync with additions made to the database so that if a PC dies or is not able to be used, we have one that has the latest additions that we have made as permanent updates to the DB.

There are a couple of ways to accomplish this. You can use the "Transfer" tool to backup the profile on one computer and place it on the others.

Another way is to put any new content into a Schedule, then use "Save As" checking the "Pack files into schedule" box onto a flash drive or network location, open that schedule on the other computers, then use the "Check For Changes" option to add them to the others.

As for Windows 10 updates causing problems, that should NOT be an issue. The usual causes of it is still using a spinning rust hard drive instead of an SSD. That makes updates take 10 times as long. The second cause is poorly configured Windows Updates settings, primarily not setting the "Active Hours" to be outside of Church times. And the third cause is not taking the time to manually update after services are finished on Sundays (or what ever day you hold services). With an SSD this should take less that 10 minutes (except for the twice yearly major updates). I've been using Windows 10 since before it was officially released and have never had Windows updates cause issues on the multitude of systems I regularly maintain at multiple locations on any computer with an SSD.

I have done it a different way but it is a manual operation.

Click on Profiles/Profiles Manager and in the editor click on the Blue text which says "Instance Location". That will take you to the folders where your Data is stored along with media in the resources folder..

Click on the folder that on my PC says  v6.1 ( have upgraded so yours may say v7.???

Open that folder and then Databases/ Data. You can see a list of files.

You could copy all files and paste them into the same folder on other pcs but you may get some yellow exclamation marks if the media is not exactly the same on each PC.

I have also just copied All files with the name "Song" in them and overwritten what is on other PC's.

To be safe, you could copy the original Song files to another (Backup)  folder before overwriting the with those from the other PC. and if need be reinstate them to the original folder.

By taking ALL the files with the words Song in them you also get all the usage data as well.

I am not sure how the backup tool works but I suspect it may be an automated version of what I just described.

Suggest you do what I do and backup  that data folder - and media files every so often so if/when an operator DELETES those files, you can get them back very quickly - That happened to me just a week after a full backup!

Alvin, the backup tool is an automated way of doing what you do. It backs up the entire profile (or profiles).

Thanks for all of your replies. I will look at each and see how best to tie thing together. The MS update issues had to do with vidoe cards and/or other s/w on the pc at the time not EW itself. That's why we are setting up the new primary PC with as little s/w as possible to minimize issues.

If you have an NVidia graphics card use the STUDIO drivers, not the game ready ones. The STUDIO drivers are not updated nearly as often and are more stable and designed for production systems like an EW projection systems. The game ready drivers are designed to optimize games and are released quite often when new games are released. There is absolutely nothing in the game ready drivers that would pertain to Windows in general or EW in particular so why take the chance of introducing possible issues.

We have had a full suite of Office, audio and media editors, recorders, and players, plus the standard system maintenance type software on our projection systems for the past 8 years and have never had a problem with any of them causing an issue for the past 6 years. Of course I disable any auto updates in software and update the systems on Sunday after Church services or during the week . That way I have time to deal with any issues that would arise. So far the only issue I have run into was an update to PowerPoint 2010 which was easily corrected.

So I know this is an Old Thread, but I have accomplished multiple computer database updates by allowing sharing of the Easyworship database folder where our Song database is held on our primary computer. After I shared that folder, I mapped the drive on my backup computer, and then made a profile that Accessed the shared folder. only thing I have to do to make the images appear, is import them from the primary computer to the Backup, if I want them. It is a backup, so just being able to access our song Database is good enough.

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