Using EW7 with ATEM Mini Pro

Hi, I've been following your video on this but find that even with using the 4th video output when it moves out of beta, we will still be unable to do this. Your video shows 2 outputs from the PC just for text on video which means 3rd for console, 4th for projector but we also require foldback. Surely there must be another solution to this so we can just use the four outputs. We are only using two cameras so why do we need so many outputs from the PC?

See Dan's Message under ANNOUNCMENTS - first item.

EasyWorship can currently produce 3 ouput streams.

1. The control screen where you control what songs, Media,PowerPoint etc you want to go to your audience screen

2. The Audience screen/projector. This shows the audience the output you have chosen.

3. Foldback. This is for those on the stage  who see only words on a black background, PowerPoint etc. It also show a clock so you preacher does not go overtime!! This could be a projector on the rear wall or one or two monitors at the front facing the stage or both if you use a signal splitter.

The proposed new release will have an extra output which will be totally configurable (hopefully) as is the current main or audience screen is. This output could then be used to feed another projector, monitor or as an input into streaming software such as vMix or OBS or to a video mixer such as the ATEM. 

If I am right it will be something like this:

First 3 ouputs as above with the audience getting nice picture/video backgrounds and stage people gettng the foldback but the fourth output could be configured to only output words, e.g as lower thirds with no background so those words can be superimposed over your live stream output OR maybe could also have a background picture/video. Now, seeing that currently the main output can be sent to an NDI stream, if the fourth output was also able to be sent to an NDI stream - for me, great!

This will be very useful for many people. We will just have to wait until release to find out exactly how it will all work. I, and probably many others also are looking forward to that release.

I think you're a bit confused over my message. This is to do with Dan's video "Using EasyWorship with the ATEM Mini Pro where he discusses how to put lower third text on video. He says you need two outputs from the PC, one for FILL and the other for KEY, this will only leave the 3rd for console. My question is "What do we use for the projector and in my case foldback even when the 4th output materialises as you would need 5 outputs by my reckoning.

Is there a way to stop replying via my email when replying to this message board as we have a huge time difference, thanks.

David, this would only be the case if you're wanting to use Alpha Channel. It sounds like you only have 4 outputs on your computer, so if you use alpha channel, one would be for the Fill, one for the Key, (the output from the ATEM will go to your front of house, so you don't need a separate one for that). If you are wanting to use the Alt output and Foldback, you would need another video output on the computer to accomplish this and have your computer control screen. Unless you sent one of them through NDI. 

Sorry Dan, I'm even more confused. The HDMI output from the ATEM goes to the display for the camera setup, which shows you here in the attached image. We are using an output from the PC which is DVI using digital extenders over Cat5e to the projector. I have attached the output display from the ATEM and how it is configured. Our graphics card is Gigabyte GTX 960 Windforce 2X OC 2Gb Gddr5 Dual DVI, HDMI & Displayport PCI-E. We are driving 3 Foldback monitors also using CAT5e cable.




Are you streaming directly from the ATEM?

Yes, we plan to stream to YouTube.

If you're streaming from the ATEM, you would need 2 inputs from the computer for key and fill. You would then need 3 more video outputs is what it looks like. One for your computer monitor, one for Alternate output, and one for Foldback.

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