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I am not that savvy with computers. I had easy worship installed and have used it. I took my computer to Best Buy because of other problems I was having and they told me to just reset everything and then all my stuff would come back on the computer. I have recovered all my stuff but don’t know how to get easy worship back can you help me

If you reset it it uninstalls ALL of your programs that weren't included in Window. You'll need to install it from scratch. If you still have the installer use that. If not go to the EW Download section of Support, download it, install it, activate/register it, and hope it picks up your old profile.

And in the future I would avoid Worst Buy if at all possible when it comes to computer maintenance or repair. They go to response or action is to Reset the computer to factory defaults, and deleting all of the customers data in the progress.


Following updates for Windows 10 I can't get Easyworship to operate.  Been using successfully for ages, now the programme opens but none of my media is showing.  Wondered if maybe due to Windows Defender but the laptop I use for church is not usually on the internet - just linked with internet for the updates,  Wish I hadn't.!!! 

First things first. What Version and Build of EW are you running? That can be found under Help - About Easy Worship.

 Thank you for your response.  Our version of EW is Version 6 Build

Version 6 Build

I can open and view the schedule created last Sunday 18 April but cannot create a new schedule as no media is available from the EW screen..

Well that is the latest release of EW6 so that shouldn't be the problem, and I haven't seen Defender cause any problems with media on Windows 10. When you say that none of your media is showing do you mean it's missing completely, or that the media is there but all black? If it's the former make sure that you are logging into the proper profile. That is normally found in "C:\Users\Public\Documents\Softouch\Easyworship\Default" unless you created one under a different name or in a different location. It's possible that the update somehow caused EW to create or link to a different profile.

If it's the latter, check to see if you have the correct Graphics driver from the manufacture (OEM such as AMD, Nvidia, or Intel) installed. Windows Update will install a newer Generic Basic driver replacing the more full featured and more functional OEM driver. You might need to reinstall the latest Graphics driver from the OEM to fix this.

Also, make sure the Search box on the left is cleared. If it has something in it that doesn't correspond to any of the various Media types it won't show any media.

Update.  I have downloaded the EW default media and that is working OK.  I can add the video and image media to EW from my documents folder but would really like to be able to have all my songs etc restored into EW?

If songs are also missing it is most likely that EW is using the incorrect Profile or the old Profile has become corrupted or deleted. Look in C:\Users\Public\Documents\Softouch\Easyworship\Default to make sure the Profile still exists and has the media. You might have to point EW to the proper profile. 

Many many thanks Donal.  This 75yrs young person has sorted the issue with your guidance.  Pointing EW to the right profile was the answer. Good old EasyWorship is back on my laptop and Sunday worship is on "Go"!

My Pleasure. 

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