Lost Easy worship

I am not that savvy with computers. I had easy worship installed and have used it. I took my computer to Best Buy because of other problems I was having and they told me to just reset everything and then all my stuff would come back on the computer. I have recovered all my stuff but don’t know how to get easy worship back can you help me
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If you reset it it uninstalls ALL of your programs that weren't included in Window. You'll need to install it from scratch. If you still have the installer use that. If not go to the EW Download section of Support, download it, install it, activate/register it, and hope it picks up your old profile.

And in the future I would avoid Worst Buy if at all possible when it comes to computer maintenance or repair. They go to response or action is to Reset the computer to factory defaults, and deleting all of the customers data in the progress.


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