Feed Control not available

I have used the "Feeds" many times in EW over a long long time but never actually needed to have any audio with the feed.

However, today this has changed and I went to the church to set up a new feed for a particualr purpose - which requires audio with the associated video.The feed is coming via an HDMI cable which DOES have audio as well as video. Works OK when connected to a TV but not in EW.

On testing I found no audio coming through to EW.

We have several feed inputs available and no matter which I chose the Feed Editor did not allow any audio settings.

They are actually there but are all greyed out and unusable  - as shown in the attached picture.

How do I get audio as well as video with a feed?

As mentioned in this thread  Feed Editor Not Working : EasyWorship it is a bug in the newest build of EW. You can revert to and it will give you the editor options. 

Thanks Dan for the quick reply.

Problem is that going back to that version means reverting to a much earlier version of NDi  (which we use extensivly with other software) and there has been a lot of bug fixes since that version. I am amazed that this one has slipped through the cracks for quite some time, but then, many, like me may have not required audio in a feed as I do now.

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