Feed Editor Not Working


Hello, I am unable to access the properties of the video feed editor from the Media (Feeds) panel of EasyWorship 7, making it impossible to change the Aspect ratio and other properties of a feed. 

This problem seems to only affect the Feeds, but for the other aspects of the Media: images and videos, this issue does not apply.

Please, how can this be rectified?

Are you trying to use the NDI feed or just a USB camera as a feed?

Just USB, but even the Input Channels are inactive

I have done some testing on this and found that there is a bug where the current version is not letting you change settings in the feed editor. I have submitted it to our development team. The previous build,, does allow you to edit the feed settings. If you do need to change those settings, you can download that version from our downloads page until we release a fix for the bug.

EasyWorship Download

Thank you. We would work with the EasyWorship, while looking forward to the release of the fix for the bug. 

We are experiencing this same issue right now. Is there a fix for this bug yet? This is seriously impacting our online and in-premise streaming.

@conrccg Multimedia, Until we get a build released with a fix in it, the best option is to install build and run that. It does work in that version. We have reported this as a bug to the developers.

EasyWorship Download

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