Redesign EasyWorship like EasyWorship 2009

I would like to request EasyWorship to redesign UI like EasyWorship 2009, but with additional Dark Mode like EasyWorship 7. We are EasyWorship users for 11 years, and since the days of EasyWorship 6 and 7, we have had a little trouble using that version of EasyWorship. And maybe, if the developer wants to redesign EasyWorship 7 UI, I suggest redesigning it to be similar or even the same as EasyWorship 2009 but with additional features and Dark Mode. Maybe or there will be EasyWorship 8. It will helpful for our team. And don't forget with Multiple Screen Output Layout.

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A long time ago I suggested that the new interface was very wasteful. When used on a 16x9 monitor - which is pretty much the normal these days, there are huge areas of nothing - waste space. This also requires long cursor movments to operate the software. Because the media is now along the bottom of the screen you need to scroll lots when tabbing down the blocks of song text. To see more of your song text you have to shrink the media window along the bottom but then on such a wide screen you still have lots of waste space.

It makes a lot of sense to me that the media be placed on the left of the screen which then gives your schedule, preview and live panels full depth of the screen.

This would also enhance the workflow as everything would be from left to right e.g.

Media.Database/scriptures etc down the left, Next panel would be the schedule - much shorter and quicker cursor movments when building a schedule, Then the Preview Panel, then of course the Live Panel.

To me this would make the interface a lot more user friendly and a lot quicker to set up a schedule.

Undockable panels would even be better so you could set up your own preferred layout.

2 Pictures are attached showing the huge areas of waste space on the current layout. The blue lines show the long cursor movments required and the yellow shows scrolling donw the song also required - a lot in this song!

Picture 2 shows what it could be like if the Media was moved to the left of the screen. Much less cursor movemnt and less scrolling for this long song. Much less waste space on the screen

I am actualy  using a an older 4x3 monitor (1280x960) turned 90 degrees  -( portrait) as my control monitor. That makes a lot less waste space on the screen and a lot less cursor movement. Even with the greater vertical depth on a long song, we still need to scroll up the blocks of text as we song the song

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