Integrating easy worship version 6 with black magic mini pro atem

Hey there,

Our church has just purchased a new live streaming kit. We have bought the black magic atem mini pro. We have that system up and running. We are using easyworship 6 and are trying to integrate the 2 systems together. We can play videos etc when we select the input we have selected from easyworship. We are having issues with the Picture in Picture display in the atem and making it all work.
I did wonder if we need to upgrade to version 7 but am wondering if we are at all able to have it running off of version 6. we currently have a video card with 3 outputs. 
1) stage display

2) rear screen projector. 

3) display monitor for computer. we have split the signal going to the projector screen and sent that to the atem as we didn’t have any other outputs. 
my thoughts was we would need another output dedicated for the atem. 

forgive my vagueness, we are teaching ourselves as we don’t have envy experienced peeps in this area. 
I would appreciate any help I can get and thank you for your time.

Thanks, Jamie

We have the same setup but our graphics card has 4 outputs

1. Control

2. Front of house split with operator display

3. Foldback to 3 monitors

4. Awaiting EasyWorship 4th output for lower 3rds to ATEM mini pro 4th input

presently we have to spit front of house as picture in picture to ATEM mini pro 4th input. Similar to attached.

Your problem has nothing to do with EW. The PinP is genreated in the ATEM mixer.

To get the EW output into you ATEM and also to the screen, you would need to use an HDMI spltter. ONe output goes to the screen, the second into your ATEM mixer. From there you need to set up the PinP.

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