Easyworship and OBS / Zoom


We are a very small church in the UK and have been running our services succesfully via Zoom.

Recently I discovered OBS and was pushing EW7 out through OBS via VirtualCam into Zoom to make life easier - rather than having to "share screen" in Zoom every time I wanted the lyrics to show to the other people on the call.  Much easier to make my video feed the words and just "spotlight" myself.

However, I found the resolution for the other particpants on the call via VirtualCam was too poor even after playing with the various settings.

Now I have realised I can simply use NDI Virtual Input from NDI Tools to share the NDI output from EW7 directly into Zoom and it looks much better.

However, I am not clear on whether it is important to use NTSC or PAL output and whether there is any good reason to use 1920x1080 or 1280x720 (quality vs bandwidth?) and again whether the different frequency options will make much impact?

Some simple guidance on best UK output to Zoom would be appreciated.  We are UK based, I have a new / powerful laptop on a fast, wired network.



you probably won't see any quality difference between 1080 or 720 through Zoom. You will probably have better performance with the 720. NTSC and PAL are video playback standards. I think it would really depend on how the video itself was created. For instance, DVDs in the UK I believe are PAL and in the USA are NTSC. Videos may be different, because you can download them really from anywhere. I don't think there is any need to change any settings for that. I don't really know a lot about it, but camera feeds may be set to PAL in the UK as well. It has to do with the frame rates being different. 

Maybe someone with more knowledge of it can chime in and add some clarity.

Thanks Dan

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