Is there really no way to output to monitor AND NDI simultaneously?

We have a PC running EasyWorship with one output to a monitor, and one output to a projector). This PC isn't powerful enough to do live streaming, so I thought this would be as simple as getting another "streaming" PC, and adding an NDI output in EasyWorship, and then picking up this NDI (and video camera feed through a capture card) on this new streaming PC, and stream to YouTube from there. However, it seems that you can no longer stream to a monitor once you enable NDI.

What are my options? Can I use an HDMI splitter to feed the projector, and to feed a capture card on the streaming PC? I would already have a capture card taking in a video camera feed, so would need 2. 

Or is there a way to output to NDI, and then pick it back up both in EasyWorship and the streaming PC?

In the end, I would like to have 1 person running OBS on the streaming PC, able to show the video camera feed and the EasyWorship feed. Another person would run ONLY EasyWorship, and not have to have any concerns with what's happening on the streaming PC.

Thank you!

We are actually doing what you want. We get the song words as lower thirds words only, from EW using the NDI output. The background is set to NONE. That outputs the song words to your streaming PC with no background.

We then are running the NDI Tools Studio Monitor (Free download from the Newtek NDI site) on screen 3. This is also the same output that feeds the main projector. Screen 2 feeds the foldbacks. 

We have the NDI Studio Monitor set to run on Screen 3 and it is set to pick up the EW output - do not pick up output 3 or you will get video loops which look horrible!.

In your case with only running two monitors, screen 1 would be your control screen and screen 2 would be running the NDI studio monitor. EW would be set to output to NDI and the NDI Studio Monitor would be set to pick up tthe EW output. OBS would be set to pick up the EW output also which gives you the lower thirds song text with a clear background. See attached screen grab and you can see the results both of what we have on screen and also in the stream

Problem though is that we also only get the song words as lower thirds on the big church screen with no backgorunds. I am waiting and waitng and hopefully soon EW will give us another output so we can have nice backgrounds in the church but lower thirds on the stream.

Thanks so much for the detailed writeup! I've never actually used NDI - only read about it. 

Rather than a lyric overlay on top of video like in your setup, I'm envisioning a 'picture in picture' type layout, and we would fade back and forth between scenes as needed in OBS. So, I would leave the song background in place. I've got a plan of action for some testing now, so thanks again!

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