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Hello EW Family.

I'm having real difficulties re: NDI plug-in. I have followed the directions edit/options/NDI however it's still not showing as an option on OBS. I have also downloaded the NDI plug-in Add-On for OBS.

Any help please?


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This has been resolved. I saw the link posted by Terry Stout on EW NDI problem in OBS topic and it worked a charm. I've been at this for hourssssssssssssssssssss and I literally punched the air with shouts of joy and praise and relief!!! Thanks Terry. God bless.

Below was the Terry's message


Make sure that you have install the most up to date NDI tools from this link NDI TOOLS


Have you installed the NDI tools from here https://ndi.tv/tools/ 

Also does you machine meet the minimum specifications ?

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