Error Message when posting to the new forum

 I get the following error message every time I post in these new forums. The post does end up being posted, but it's frustrating to have to deal with it. Any ideas why this is happening? 64fit Firefox 82.02 on 64bit Windows 10, originally on 2004 and now on 20H2. Started happening a couple of weeks ago.


Sorry Don, this is the first I've seen of this. I use Edge browser or Chrome so I don't know if it's something with Firefox or not. Is it doing it with every post or comment you submit? I can definitely look into it and see if there is some king of issue going on.

Yes, it does happen with every post. Haven't tried a different browser as I prefer Firefox. I'll make this one in Edge Chromium to see if it does it as well.

Well I didn't get that error in Chromium Edge. I got a message saying it would be posted as soon as it was approved, or something to that effect. I don't get that message on FireFox now, although I used to until the last weed or two. I'll keep working on it on my end to see if I can see anything. I should have a laptop around here that hasn't been updated to FireFox 82 yet. I'll try that tomorrow when I get a chance to see if that is the issue.

We do have post approval turned on for posts with external links in them, so if you have a link / URL in the post, we will have to approve it. We're trying to minimize spam and links to places we don't want to be going. 

 It happens whether I include links or not. As far as I can remember the only links I include are to support articles on your support website.

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