Stop imported PowerPoint presentations from looping


How would you like the feature to work?

Currently, imported PowerPoint presentations will always loop back to the beginning of the slide show when they reach the end.  This is different than earlier versions of EasyWorship (for example, EW 2009 which our church has been using for years).  See this support ticket for additional context:

We would like to have the option of turning off the new default behavior when importing a presentation to EW.  In other words, we'd like to be able to configure the presentation not to loop.  Ideally, this would be an application-wide preference we could set as well.

Why is this feature important to you?

Our church uses an extensive library of third-party PowerPoint music slides.  To prevent them from looping, our only current workaround is to manually insert a blank slide at the end of each of these hundreds of presentations.  That represents a burden on our control room operation volunteers, which we'd like to alleviate.

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