[Equipment Configurations] Unable to connect an OBS virtual cam as an Easyworship feed

I would like to be able to use our OBS live stream as a background in EasyWorship.

I was not able to use the input signal from our Elgato capture card since it is already in use by OBS.

That is understandable.

We then installed a OBS virtual cam plugin to set up OBS output as a virtual webcam. The virtual web-cam feed works fine i for example a Google Hangout call.

When we try to use it as a feed in Easy Worship we get the error - The device is already in use - even if no other application i using it. Any ideas on how to make this work? Anything you could fix from development?

We do not want to broadcast from Easy Worship to OBS since our projector resolution and screen-format is not ideal for the live stream.

/Fredrik Lann

We have now learned that you can use the OBS NDI plugin to make the OBS stream available as a feed in EA7.

This actually works an achieves the same thing (and more) as the OBS Virtual cam.

With this setup we can bring our camera stream to the OBS live stream and still present it in EasyWorship as a background feed.

However we still have problems getting text from EasyWorship back to our OBS live stream without creating a "loop" whenever EA7 uses the OBS-NDI-feed as a background.

If we try to reverse the way the applications are connected and starts with connecting the camera stream, directly to Easy Worship we still have problems since EA7 only broadcasts to a "primary" monitor OR over NDI to OBS. Our projector screen is in 4:3 format and we don't want that format in our live stream. Hence this setup also fail to achieve our goal.

Any thoughts on a better way to combine a live streaming in 16:9 and output to a 4:3 screen?

A setup where we can use EA7 and the camera stream both in the live stream and on the projector screen?

Any help apreciated!

One way we have been thinking of would be to create a virtual 16:9 display, connect the Foldback screen to the virtual screen and let OBS use the foldback screen as its input for the live feed. It would be nice to be able to set the foldback screen to use an alpha channel so that I dont get any backgrounds back to OBS but still can use them on my main screen.
Hey, have you been able to resolve the issue?

Here is a theory that might work but you will need two PCs:

PC 1: Runs Easyworship & NDI Scan Converter. Connect your camera and capture card to this PC

PC 2: Runs OBS with NDI plugin.

So basically you use the camera feed as a background on easyworship. Then, under NDI scan converter, you select whatever capture card you have as the NDI webcam output source. Then, you output lyrics (via stage display) on a black background to a separate monitor.

On PC 2, you create the following inputs:

NDI webcam input: gives you feed from camera

NDI screen capture: select the stage display and key out the background colour

Overlay the two. Problem solved (hopefully)

Let me know if this works!