[Equipment Configurations] Which AMD card do I have?

Regularly we have customers using AMD R series cards. When we go to dxdiag, the driver, device manager and Radeon Settings it only shows something like AMD Radeon (TM) R9 200 Series. I need to know specifically which card this is. Is there any way via the OS to see the actual model number?

Looks like for now we'll have to get gpu-z and run it then click the lookup button to get the actual model from an online database.
I don't know what version Windows and what version of the AMD driver you are using, but my RX 480 in Windows 10 is fully identified in Device Manager, DXDiag, and the AMD driver package.



[attachment=2]Device Manager.JPG[/attachment]
Windows 10, R9 270 We purchased it from Newegg a few years ago. . After doing some reasearch it looks like it just depends on the card you have. I've also seen this with some of the older Radeon cards. We see it fairly regularly when remoted into customer's computers. It's kind of hard to tell what card they have without having them open the computer. Driver date 03/12/19 version 25.20.15027.5007
The newer cards such as the RX 400 series and the RX 500 series should display the actual model of RX card being used whereas the older series such as the R7 200 series and the R9 200 series will only show "R7 200 series" or "R9 200 series" in place of the model. This has been consistent for me across a dozen or so customer computers.
Support can be a nightmare at times. I would imagine that it depends on the card, which third party released the card (I stick with XFX and Sapphire), and which driver is installed. GPU-Z is definitely the way to go when in doubt tho. I went from the HD 7870 to the RX 480 and skipped everything in between. HIS and Powercolor are well known for making lower quality cards that fail easily.