[Equipment Configurations] Dual Monitors Switching

We are using 2 monitors where one is a primary screen and the other is the output screen. Our output screen splits with our video mixer that goes out to screens in the sanctuary.

We can not figure out why but somehow our primary and secondary monitors keep switching by themselves. Has anyone else seen this problem?



Yes. Nvidia cards have a habit of doing this if all of the monitors aren't turned on before starting the computer. Check out the thread that was previous posted about this issue.

One of the many reasons I prefer to use AMD graphics cards.
Thanks for responding. I did a little more testing and I was able to reproduce the issue a few times. In my schedule I have some presentations created in Easyworship and then a PowerPoint slideshow of announcements with audio. My monitor setup is 1 monitor primary and then a 2nd monitor with a 2/3 split (output & screen on video mixer).

I think because when you open a PowerPoint file it's really opening PowerPoint outside of Easyworship you Windows is showing one output screen from the last thing you showed in Easyworship and one output screen coming from Powerpoint. If this is the case how do you make sure you end the Easyworship Live screen before running a Powerpoint slideshow?