[Equipment Configurations] NVIDIA GeForce GT x30 GPU

Easy Worship recommend this card as a minimum


on this page:[url]

I cannot find any information about this card on the GEFORCE web site.

I've not had results from using Google.

Is this a correct reference? Are there any other suggestions which are easier to find?


You'll have to replace the x with the number it begins with, like 730 or 1030. Each time NVIDIA release a new line of cards they increment the first number. The current model series starts with 20, but they haven't released a 2030 so you'll need to look for the 1030.

It may be good to compare the 1030 vs 1050 and maybe 1070 cards.
Thank you for the clarification.

I think it is a Nvidia GeForce GT[b]X [/b]1050 and GT[b]X[/b] 1070

Your link in the next post to Tom's hardware is very helpful.


Thanks again.