[Equipment Configurations] Blackmagic Intensity Pro 4k

I have a Blackmagic Intensity Pro 4k which won't work with EW7.
It used to work ok with EW6.
I have fully uninstalled the drivers and installed the latest version from Blackmagic.

When I select the Composite input in Desktop Video Setup it seems to store the selection.
I can then use various programmes and the video output is captured from the camera.
If I then run EW7 and go live with my camera feed the Blackmagic Intensity Pro 4k card immediately switches to HDMI input.
There is nothing plugged into the HDMI input.

I have tried various programmes to capture the feed and all work without switching from Composite.
It is only when I go live with my EW7 camera feed that it switches back to HDMI input.

Any idea's ?

I did some more testing with this issue last night.

EW7 switched the Composite input to HDMI every time.

Re-tried EW6 and the Composite input was retained and camera feed worked normally.

Ran EW7 and the feed immediately switched the Composite input to HDMI.

I re-ran this test with another person watching to make sure I wasn't doing something silly.

It is definitely EW7 switching the input from Composite to HDMI.

Help please !
Sorry for this issue you are experiencing.

I tested this on one of our machines and it did not switch from Composite to HDMI in EW7.

Which input device are you selecting in the Feed settings?

Make sure you are selecting the Intensity Pro 4K option and not the Blackmagic WDM Capture or the Decklink option.
Thanks for your reply.

I can confirm that Intensity Pro 4K option is selected and not the Blackmagic WDM Capture or the Decklink option.

Yesterday i deleted the Camera Feeds from EW6 and EW7 and then recreated them.

EW6 works as expected but EW7 keeps switching to HDMI input.

Maybe it's time to get a HDMI camera.
If you're using the same feed for both out of the same profile, create two feeds, one for 7 and one for 6 and see if 7 stays like it's supposed to.
Hi Roger

I deleted all original feeds and re-created one in EW6.

That works as expected and retains the Composite input settings.

I deleted the EW6 feed and created an EW7 feed.

The card reverts from Composite to HDMI when it goes live.

I have separate profiles and databases for EW6 and EW7

Think it's time for a HDMI camera.


Sorted !

There were 3 user accounts on the projection computer and one of them wouldn't allow changes to the video card.

I deleted the rogue user account and the video card retains the Composite input setting for the remaining 2 user accounts.

Thanks for your help.
Thanks for sharing this with us. Glad you figured it out.