[Equipment Configurations] Projection delay of live output

I have been trying to set-up live projection through EW6 adding the camera as a feed but there is a small delay between the live action and seeing it projected on the screen. I am using a sony (cheap) handycam to test things with 1050i hd output into blackmagic intensity shuttle usb 3 on a high end laptop with nvidia gtx950M. Any advice please as to how to eliminate the delay or what I gather is called latency? Baildon Methodist Church

If you start up a video camera, open the side screen then wave your hand up and down on front of the camera, you will notice a significant delay in the cameras picture. SO, of there is such a delay actually In the camera, there is not much you can do about it. I have also noticed significant delay in TV news/weather broadcasts where you sometimes can see screens in the background, of the same main picture you are watching.

I have used EW capture many times and in many venues and discovered that depending on the equipment in use, that internal camera delay can be increased or unchanged. Many times I have run live capture in a 9 day seminars with almost unnoticeable on screen delay and other times a huge delay - all depending on the mixer and other gear in use at that time.

I noticed too that you are using a Sony Handicam with 1080i resolution. That camera, as do mine, gives out an interlaced HDMI signal. (I have 5 Sony's feeding into mixing software for video recording church programs. That software though de-interlaces the signal). Interlacing will show artefacts on screen, or what I term "speed lines' behind every fast movement - like a hand waving, or a "high speed preacher". The faster the movement the worse the effect. EW does not de-interlace a video signal.
To solve that issue I purchased, off eBay, an HDMI scaler. This small device will accept an interlaced signal and output a progressive signal. That removes those nasty "speed lines" as mentioned above.

You will want to make sure that all you drivers are up to date and then you may need to lower the camera resolution.