[Android Remote] Android Remote

Downloaded android remote app. today. Used it for a short time after setting up schedule for Sunday's service. Seem to work well. So far I like it.

Thank you!

I used remote app. for practice before service and through about half of our service. No problems. I can see possible use on a tablet as a monitor for visually impaired.

I definitely like the app.

Good job Easyworship!
I have also used the Android remote and it is really very good to use and the features it had to make the use of the Android system more easy and accessible. There are many variants that we can add and on the Android by the Android remote and I am going to continue to use this. I got to know this when I was on the https://babasupport.org/dell/dell-bios-update/] dell bios update project and many other things as well.
Downloaded the app to my Android 11 Pixel 3. I get the splash screen and then it closes. Workd fine on my Android 8 tablet - is there a problem with Android 11?