[v7 General Discussion] Different split of song lyrics

Like many EZW users, our main congregation is now watching the services online, and therefore we have followed the advice on this forum and created a feed which has lyrics/scripture in the lower half of the screen, superimposed over a camera feed (using NDI).

The problem we now have is that many people are finding it hard to read the lyric pages which used to fill the whole screen, but now only occupy part of a screen (though obviously they are now viewing a PC/tablet screen rather than a projector screen). We've been asked to reduce the number of lines of lyrics on each screen.

The question is what is the easiest way to do this? I don't think there is an automagical solution - the best I could find was using <Ctrl+Enter> to split one screen into two. Is there a better way?

Also - as well as generating a new split, we would really like to keep a copy of the song in its original split - just in case we ever return to normal :wink: The best way I can see is to move each song into a "Collection" which means that we can keep a "Collection" of lyrics optimised for viewing online.

Any advice on this would be gratefully received.

We load the song from the database into the schedule then edit the song in the schedule so that we have only two lines or maybe three depending on how the song flows. To edit, put your cursor at the place you want to cut the block of text and press Control Enter. You instantly get another slide. Only takes a few minutes to do a whole service set of songs like this. We set the song text to be in a small text box along the bottom of the screen. We use a NONE background rather than a green screen and now use that as the default background for all songs. That output is imported into vMix via NDI and overlayed onto the live video of the singers works fine and looks good. Of course, editing in the schedule does not change the database version so you still maintain your formatting for when things return to normal.

I have seen some streams where the text is huge and covering most of the screen - looks horrible in my opinion.

Problem we now have is that we are now allowed to have about half of our congregation on site. They get to see only a black screen with the song text as lower thirds at the bottom of the church screen - not so good! Those still watching on line get to see a much better scene. EW needs to give us another output option - fast!

To edit, put your cursor at the place you want to cut the block of text and press Control Enter. You instantly get another slide.

Thanks - yes, this is what we are now doing for each song. We are also keeping a separate store of "reduced lyrics per screen" songs in a collection.