[v7 General Discussion] How to add live video feed in background without NDI?

Hello I'm from a new church, we're still setting it up and need more assistance.

My church has asked me to project the live video feed through camera while the pastor is talking through EasyWorship.

Is there a way i can just plug in a camera and just project asap?

I am a complete newbie to these, if anyone can guide me it would be greatly appreciated.

God bless you ^^

EW can pick up alive feed for a camera and project it either full screen or it can be set up as a background. When set up as a background you can then put song words of Scripture over that live feed. Best if the words are at the bottom of the screen (lower Thirds and not over peoples faces) I have done this for many many years with good success.

First you need a camera - preferably one that has a progressive scan rather than interlaced. If you are using a laptop you may be limited as to what sort of capture device you can use. I have used an Avermedia USB 3 capture device which works very well.

Next you need a capture device installed in your PC. I have successfully used many types. Years back I used a USB analog capture device which actually worked very well. You can still get these devices only these days they are much better. You can alos install a capture card in the PC. Better options these days is to get and HDMI camera and use an HDMI capture device - either a USB or installed card. I have used Avermedia HDMI capture cards which work OK. There are several different types They are not too expensive but they do not de-interlace which means you will get jagged lines of fast movements - e.g the pastor waving his hands in the air or moving fast across the platform. I also have a PC which has several Black Magic intensity Pro 4K cards. I use these to capture HDMI into VMix for livestreaming. They also work in EW. There are many other type of cards and USB devices these days some which work better than others.

If you had two cameras and two capture devices, you could also use EW to give you two different views - "live mixed" sort of. I have 5 handicams with HDMI output feeding into a PC running VMix for livestreaming. Those handicams do a good job and these days are quite cheap.

You will also need to be aware that there will be some delay on screen. Many people blame EasyWorship for this but if you have a camera in your hand and watch the side screen, wave you hand in front of the camera and you will notice a significant delay IN that camera itself. The device you choose to capture your video may also increase that delay. I have a USB device which works very well but increases the delay heaps. I also have the Avermedia one that does not. These devices vary heaps in price. The Epiphan USB device works very well - plug and play but is a more expensive unit but has minimal delay.

Contact me direct if you need more detailed info.
We get satisfactory results with either a simple usb webcam (like the Logitech C920 or C922), or using a Canon DSLR, or a Sony HandyCam with HDMI out, into an Elgato Camlink 4K - the only thing to beware of with the Camlink is that you need to use a DSLR or video camera which can provide a clean feed to the Camlink otherwise you end us with all the menu settings etc on your screen. There is a list of Camlink-compatible cameras on the Elgato website.

Either of these can be set up to provide a video feed into Easy Worship which can then be used as a background, live display - or whatever.