[v7 General Discussion] Upgrade option

Is there seriously no upgrade option to upgrade from EW6 to EW7?

Even MediaShout will give a $120 discount if going from EW6 to their product. It seems strange that Easy Worship has no incentive when upgrading to stick with their product and makes you purchase the entire product over again.

The only thing that has kept us with easy worship over the years is the affordable upgrade options. If we now need to purchase the full product again in order to upgrade it makes sense to re-evaluate all the other options out there... some of which have some compelling reasons to switch (PCO integration, discounts, more included bibles and lyrics, dropbox support, inline editing, cloud sync, social media integration, etc...)

It seems that some sort of upgrade incentive would help with customer retention at a time where there are so many compelling reasons to switch.

They did have an upgrade option for the first few months after the release of 7, but that ended quite some time ago.
Hi Adam, thanks for asking! We understand your frustration and would like to see what we can do to resolve this. Can you please contact us during our support hours at 1-918-250-1493? Ask for me (Fred) when you do and I would be happy to find something that works for you all. Thank you, Fred