[v7 General Discussion] Import songs from CCLI?

We can connect to SongSelect from the EW interface and download song lyrics and then create a song.

I was pretty sure there was a way to import a song directly eliminating the need to have to create the song and paste all the copyright information in etc.

Am I missing something or does this require a higher level of subscription to SongSelect?

Thanks in advance.

The last two times I have tried this I found that I needed to wait a very long time after I had logged in and found the song I wanted.

By a long time I mean two or three minutes.

However this doesn't seem to happen every time.

By the way, you are clicking right through to the 'Lyrics' tab. It doesn't seem to download if you just have the 'Overview'.
In EW click on the WEB button on the tool bar.

Next click on SongSelect .

Login to SongSelect.

Find the song that you want to import. Make sure that you click on the lyrics bubble and then click the IMPORT button which is in the upper right hand side below the BLACK button. This will add the song to your database.