[v7 General Discussion] PNG pics changing colour when importing

We have been converting powerpoint slides to png images and importing them and creating presentations as per instructions here on the site but we have found that when the png pics are imported they show and project with different colours.[attachment=0]IMG_0017.JPG[/attachment]
videos all seem to display correctly

Please attache the original png file.

What app are these created in?
Our minister gives us a powerpoint and we do a save as png from it. The pic on the right is one of the created png files.

I will have to get you which version of powerpoint it is on Sunday.
See what happens if you save them as jpg instead of png. I've not see this kind of difference in color when saving png out of powerpoint though. If I could get the image you are using, I might be able to figure it out.
Are you layering something over the top of the image in Easyworship?
Rodger: I will grab some on Sunday and also try them as jpgs.

Terry: Nope, not doing anything to them at all. Simply drag from the folder and drop into the schedule area. Then drag and drop to create a presentation.
I created a test case. I dragged a color bar png into PowerPoint. Saved the slide as a png and loaded it into EW. I also loaded the PowerPoint into EasyWorship. Then loaded all three up side by side. I've attached a screenshot of my results. [attachment=0]color bar png text screenshot.PNG[/attachment]

I'm wondering if there is something going on with the video card driver. Maybe a clean uninstall / reinstall of the video card driver may solve the problem. I've seen things change colors due to the video card driver making color changes during 3D (DirectX) rendering.
And use Display Driver Uninstaller to make sure all of the crud and detritus is cleared out as well.

How to use DDU

Thanks for the "heads Up" Rodger. A screen driver update has fixed the problem. :D