[v7 General Discussion] Powerpoint 'shifting' and cutting off once live

(note that the preview pane is showing Foldback however was same for FOH)

I haven't had to use a powerpoint in EW in a long time, as normally the pastor has a MacBook with his keynote on the separate line to projectors.

Imported one this morning, and in preview was fine, but once live, it had shifted off to the bottom right side and being clipped off.

16:9 projector, original powerpoint 4:3, made a copy and changed to 16:9 but same thing.

Any ideas what's going on so that I can fix it before next time. Ended up using a separate laptop just running the powerpoint :/

What build number of EW? By that I mean not just EW 7. You can find that under Help/About EasyWorship.

What version of PowerPoint?

Make sure you are using the latest release of EW 6 or 7. And check out this article.
I saw this issue last week on, did not get a screen shot. Had to reboot to fix.
Forgot ppt version was 1903 Build 11425.20244.
That means it's the latest release of Office 365. Did you try the fix in the link I posted previously?
This fix posted above should correct the issue. If it does not then create a support ticket.