[v7 General Discussion] NDI output not working after graphics card driver upgrade

Hi Guys,

Got an question about NDU and Easyworship ( I have been able to successfully use it previously but since a graphics card driver update to Nvidia 417.71 today I have not been able use Easyworship NDI output. It show only the initial image when the NDI service is started. I have also got Newtek Connect installed which had an incompatibility with the previous version of Nvidia Graphics driver which promted the upgrade (sorry did not note the version down before upgrade).

This is one a test machine so is not currently licensed so it should display the watermark on the output at all times (better to find out on a test machine than the production machine...). What I am seeing with the NDI output is a black slide immediately after startup and when I load a song there is still nothing visible on the ndi output (tested with VMIX, NDI Studio Monitor, XSplit and Newtek Connect). But if I select the output in options to be a monitor (which works properly) then revert to NDI it shows a static image of what was on the screen immediately before the change back to NDI.

It seems that NDI input is work as expected though.

Do you guys have some ideas to work this out?


I updated my nvidia driver to the same driver, but did a clean install without the geforce experience. Seems to be working for me.

What version of windows and which nividia card are you using?
I reinstalled the driver and selected the "clean install" option with an advanced install and it worked.

Thanks for the hint.