[v7 General Discussion] Unable to Login to forum

Since I have updated to Windows 10 1803, I can no longer login to this forum. The Login does not appear at all. The only way for me to log in is Start a New topic, it then comes back with you have to be Logged in to post a topic which shows the log in splash. But it does not give me the option to stay logged on only to hide this session, so I always have to go through this process every time.

It also never displays my User Id so I don't know if I'm in or not. The only indication I have is by unread posts being highlighted.


What browse are you using?
We did a little testing and found that Edge and Firefox are having this issue, but Chrome isn't. Our devs are working on it.
It should be fixed now. Thanks for pointing this out.
Thanks very much Rodger, that's it working fine now. Yes, I use Firefox Quantum 64bit version 60.1.