[v7 General Discussion] Custom Last Slide

Trying to fulfill a pastor request here. He would like the final slide of any song to have some indicator that "this is the end of the song", so he will know to stand/move/continue to the next part of the service. We use themes with background images for each song. Is it possible to have a foreground image which is easy to add to just one slide in each song? Or, any other recommendations on how to address this, perhaps a character symbol? I'd prefer to not have to add a separate, generic image in the schedule after each song - the team working the slides during the service will likely hate me if I did that.



You could edit the last slide and just insert anything you like as a element resize it and then position it somewhere such as the bottom left corner.
Does your pastor have a stage screen? If so, doesn't the next line / next song at the bottom give him a clue?