[v7 General Discussion] Upgrade Pricing Extension?


EW7 upgrade pricing offer was originally announced as ending April 30, 2018. I've been having a series of discussions with others at my church as to if we want to move to the subscription model, purchase the one time license or simply sit out EW7 and wait for EW8. It's a lot to consider in a fairly short time. I was checking on the pricing again this morning and noticed that the pricing page now lists the discount offer as ending 6/30/18. I haven't seen any official announcement and wasn't able to find a mention of the change on the board.

Is the new deadline for upgrade pricing 6/30/18?

If so, we are guaranteed that upgrade pricing will be honored up to this date?

If any further extension of the upgrade pricing deadline is offered, can you please make an official announcement indicating so?



The promotional pricing will be valid through 6/30/18. Since we had notified our customers in batches over a two month period so we extended the deadline to give everyone ample time to take advantage of the promotional pricing.
Thanks Roger
Where might I find details on the upgrade pricing?

Currently existing customers will receive 25% off, for 2 years, of their Subscription License or receive 50% off of their One Time Purchase License. As stated above this offer was extended until June 30th, 2018 in order for users to have ample time to take advantage of these discounts.

Also, on the https://www.easyworship.com/software/pricing:1lxgy1v0]Pricing to fit your needs. if you click the “Discount may apply for existing users” link under the pricing you will see complete details on the discounts, expirations and how to apply them on checkout.