[v7 General Discussion] Cannot Upgrade EW 2009 to EW 7

I cannot link my EW2009 licence to my EW7 upgrade purchase.
Organisation name and e-mail address is correct - it is not the e-mail address that was originally used to order and licence EW2009 as that e-mail address no longer exists.
An e-mail from noreply@easyworship.com to myself lists the address as that of the person who originally ordered the EW 2009 software so some kind of link to the original EW2009 software has been made.
unfortunately the software itself requests that I 'activate' the product key - the original EW2009 product key does not work.

The 'Register Offline' instructions also do not work: logging in to my Account does not enable me to insert a product key for EW7 or download a licence file.

I am in licencing/registration limbo having purchased a licence upgrade but being unable to use the EW7 software.

I'm creating a support ticket for you. We'll communicate via the ticketing system.
I have a similar situation - we have a licence for EW2009 which was purchased by a previous pastor, which includes several purchased bibles. We are now in the process of updating our systems and moving to EW7.

Obviously we can purchase EW7 completely afresh from a new account but then we lose the bibles (or have to purchase them again)?

Can we get the original licence linked to a new account?
Your bible licenses will carry over. Please email orders@easyworship.com and include the serial number from the help about window in EasyWorship 2009. Include the previous pastor's name, and let them know the situation.