[v7 General Discussion] Easy Worship Logo appears on live

I recently bought the one time purchase, campus license version of the software and I have a little probleme that I can't solve.

I dowloaded the software on several computer and registered in each with the same account but when I go live I still have the easyworship logo that appears behind my text like it does on the Demo version. And I can't find a way to delete it.

I have this problem on all the computers except the first one on which I downloaded the software. Is that normal? How can I delete it, I coulnd't find a solution in the FAQ?

Did you have the same issue? do you know how I can solve it?

Thanks for the help!
(And sorry for the potato englis - I'm french-)

Probleme solved.
Since you created a web login with the same exact name as the organization that has the license attached to it, it's hard to tell wich organization to select at login. You've essentially selected the wrong organization at login and need to go to help, register products, disconnect, then connect again, selecting the correct organization. I've added (License) to the organization you need to select at login. Once the organization is set properly, the EasyWorship logo will go away.