[v7 General Discussion] EW6 and EW7 co-existence?

I noted (with a minor panic!) that EW7 didn't make a new copy of my database in the way EW6 did when first installed. Can I therefore assume that there will be no co-existence issues between EW6 and EW7?

I'm not ready to run EW7 "live" in a service, but I'd like to try it out during the Beta on a laptop on which I also use EW6 at times ... and I'm sure there are others in the same boat.


Yes they can co-exist.
When EW 7 Beta was released, I installed and checked it out here at home. Happy with how it worked I then went to the church and installed it there.
We used it during services last weekend without any issues.

My reason for wanting this version is because I have been using NDI for quite some time and wanted to check out how EW had implemented this feature/technology.

For quite some time I have been picking up the output of EW, using the VMix NDI utility which captures that output as a feed into the live mix in VMix. That gives me the preachers PPt's as a feed into the live video mix.Using the NDI capture of EW 7, I can pick up the output of VMix directly into EW7 and put that live video on the big screen if required. NDI bypasses the need of a capture device but uses the network instead.

The only issue I found (not an EW issue) was that I noticed some video lag. We checked the network usage and found that the switch we are using is a 10/100 and was overloaded with 3 NDI video streams in use! We are planning to get a faster 1000 switch whcih should fix this issue.

From what I can work out, EW 7 uses the same data as the EW 6 installation but I have the two installed on 2 different PC's and both work quite happliy.
Thanks, Rodger.